Valletta 2018 opens a ‘Mediterranean dialogue’

First in a series of annual conferences explores Mediterranean identity.

The Valletta 2018 Foundation opened the first in a series of annual conferences titled Dialogue in the Med: exploring identity through networks, which is taking place today and tomorrow at the University of Malta, Valletta Campus.

Valletta 2018 Foundation Chairman Jason Micallef said: “The conference is an opportunity to reflect upon our shared identity within the Mediterranean and to build strong networks with cultural practitioners, academics and artists from across the region”.

The Minister for Education and Employment, Evarist Bartolo acknowledged the importance of collaboration among nations in the Mediterranean noting this is keystone to future development.

Valletta 2018 sees the creation of synergies between local and international cultural operators, academics and artists, as a central part of its journey towards 2018.

Dialogue in the Med: exploring identity through networks provides an opportunity to engage in a highly topical debate – identity and intercultural cooperation within the Mediterranean. The title of this year’s conference reflects the Foundation’s belief in its role as a catalyst for debates on the influence Malta, and Valletta 2018 in particular, can have on explorations of identity across the Mediterranean region.

Debates are taking place within the broader socio-political context of the great economic changes and social tensions within the region over the past few years. The Mediterranean also happens to be the intersection between Europe and Africa and has historically been a site where different cultures come together.

The Valletta 2018 Foundation views this conference as a great opportunity to bring people together and build new synergies and networks between these two regions.

The conference will be addressed by various local and international speakers originating from the fields of culture, diplomacy, arts and academia. Prof. Henry Frendo and Prof. Mostafa Hassani Idrissi are keynote speakers.

The series of annual international conferences will address different aspects related to cultural relations in Europe and the Mediterranean, within the context of Valletta as European Capital of Culture 2018.

Further information, including the full conference programme and information on speakers and presentations, can be accessed at the Valletta 2018 Foundation website