Valletta 2018 chairman wants Malta to get cracking for 2030 capital of culture bid

Local councils seeking cash from the culture fund will be obliged to submit a three-year strategic plan to benefit from the €750,000 allocated for events

V18 chairman Jason Micallef
V18 chairman Jason Micallef
Parliamentary secretary for local government Stefan Buontempo
Parliamentary secretary for local government Stefan Buontempo

Changes to the Maltese culture fund will ensure events are organised with a longer-term strategy in mind, local councils minister Stefan Buontempo said today at the launch of the fund’s tenth edition.

“We want local councils to have a strategy and a long-term plan. The time of amateurs is over,” Buontempo said, who wants cultural events to be planned and executed with a “greater sense of professionalism”.

The culture fund helps local and regional authorities organise cultural activities and initiatives. Up to €15,000 may be awarded to successfully pitched ideas against a strategic plan that outlines a three-year programme for the proposed project or event.

Malta Tourism Authority events operations adviser Edward Zammit said it is very important for the authority to know about cultural events in advance, in order for it to be able to effectively promote them abroad.

“Tourist coming to Malta are not only interested in sun beds and beaches but are in search of quality events that were authentic and that allowed them to immerse themselves in the country’s culture,” Zammit said.

Jason Micallef, chairman of the V18 foundation, said the changes to the fund would consolidate the scheme and to think ahead more constructively. “We believe that the way this fund is evolving needs a strategic direction.”

Micallef also called on both political parties to ensure the legacy of Valletta 2018 lived on with a proposal to have a local capital of culture every three years, and to start thinking about Malta’s bid for the 2030 capital of culture. 

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