Arnold Cassola is an independent politician and former chairperson of Alternattiva Demokratika

Will Robert be his own man or continue in Joseph’s footsteps?
Knowing that Germany, together with the US and the UK, insisted on our...
So żobiku: the self-conceit of men in power
First he came up with the most blasphemous of swearwords in the Maltese...
Yorgen Fenech and the Castille gang
Is it not strange that at least ten persons working in Castille during Joseph...
The DB deceit: will the Planning Authority be an accomplice?
The cheek of the DB Group knows no boundaries. Of course, they feel that they...
Arnold Cassola | The power to decide on a  better future for yourselves
Europe 2019
How is it possible that they have not understood that the Maltese people want...
Gozo tunnel: will the government destroy the richest water table in Malta?
Is land reclamation the true and main focus of this government, with the tunnel...
National days: A mistimed discussion
With our country’s land, air and seas being continuously raped by greedy...
Politicians and conflict of interest
The MPs practising a profession, in particular, have basically held Malta back...
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