Police called in as drunken American disrupts church ceremony
Court & Police
Drunken American disrupts Sliema church ceremony after telling priest that he...
Delay in Delimara gas plant will be ‘months, not years’ - Muscat
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says financing of tariff reductions will not be...
Bank robbery trial | Defence complains of ‘lack of evidence’, prosecution says accused was ‘undoubtedly’ involved in foiled bank heist
Fomer Arriva bus driver found guilty of hitting policeman
Court & Police
Syrian man order to carry out community service after being found guilty of...
Updated | Prosecution requesting necessary documentation for Sicilian mafia boss's extradition
Court & Police
Sebastiano Brunno remanded in custody pending his extradition to Italy
Swede jailed for eight months, fined for drug trafficking
Court & Police
24-year-old Swede jailed after pleading guilty to trafficking cannabis and...
Updated | ‘John Rizzo threatened to crucify me like Christ’, accused tells jury
Court & Police
George Xuereb tells jurors that former police commissioner threatened to...
Dementia patient fed solid foods despite warning, wife tells court
Court & Police
Dementia patient who was could only eat soft food was fed solid foods on...