George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

Breeding a new watchdog  to oversee government agencies
Business Comment
The government’s strategy to keep a tight rein on big spender departments...
The global safe investment box in Zurich
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Blockchain-related regulation in Switzerland is well-ahead of its competing...
Social housing – not enough space  to swing a cat | PKF
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Households spend a great deal of time in the spaces in which they live, and...
Exam fever hits virtual  currencies practitioners | PKF
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Mindful of the legal and technical minefield that may lay ahead, the MFSA...
Tax incentives and the future of the family stores | PKF
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Last month the finance minister gratuitously paid a one-time tax refund to all...
Moneyval – big brother is watching | PKF
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Since 2015 and following the PANA reports together with the Pilatus...
Mother Nature – combating climate change | PKF
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It begs the question why Malta with good exposure to rays of the sun has still...
Success of the trickle-down economy | PKF
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Ideally, the ubiquitous trickle-down effect must reach the lower ladder of the...