Jurgen Balzan was a MaltaToday reported from 2011 to 2017.

Bishops warn against responding to violence with violence
Bishops say refugees reaching Europe “have walked the road of...
Summits earn Malta €550 million worth of publicity
Government commissions study to quantify benefits of Valletta Summit and CHOGM
Forum calls for protection of freedom of movement in EU-UK talks
Forum Unions Maltin says EU should not renegotiate UK membership at cost of...
Zammit Dimech exonerated of involuntary homicide charges
Court & Police
Nationalist MP was among eight people facing charges over worker’s death,...
Illegal Montekristo zoo hosted 36 state school visits in five years
Last month the unlicensed zoo was closed down by the owners, the Polidano...
Are we going to keep our political circus in business?
The political circus is in town: parliamentary debates as intellectually...
Human rights activists ‘bullied’ for standing up for the invisible
Platform of Human Rights Organisations in Malta calls for protection for staff...
Government steps in to relocate defiant Valletta suq butcher
The owner of P&J Company Limited, who has been serving customers for over...
Italians in ‘crisis’ still owe Maltese companies for Parliament stone works
Director of Godwin’s Garage owed some €150,000 by Italian company,...
[WATCH] Lax enforcement is Paceville’s biggest plague – PN
PN proposes heftier fines and possible suspension of licences for Paceville...
Unpaid €3.4 million for Parliament stonework leaves Italian firm in crisis
Italian company that provided parliament's impressive stonework is begging...
MEPA proposes use of 'disused quarries' for shooting ranges
Following proposal for shooting range in a derilict site which was used as a...
Pro-life lobby denies using abortion to scaremonger on embryo freezing
Pro-life lobby against giving people embryo freezing option, says process does...
De La Rue to lay off 300 workers
Security printing company to invest €21 million in passport printing...
MPs employed with the state: PQs reveal salaries
Abstenteeism, teleworking arranegements, and missing attendance records for some
Gaming shop operators vent frustration over hold ups
Industry up in arms over police inaction following spate of hold ups
What should we do about Islamic State: a view from Beirut, Malta’s neutrality, and the effects of a protracted war
Does neutrality stop Malta from fighting ISIS? Will more bombs create more...
No vote taken by Marsaskala council on Sadeen ‘gift’
At the end of a gruelling council meeting this week, mayor Mario Calleja...
'We'll bring Formula 1 testing and MotoGP to Malta'
British motorsport specialists mulling bid for construction and operation of...
Former MFA president yet to be questioned by police
Police still to question former Malta Football Association president Joe...