Jurgen Balzan was a MaltaToday reported from 2011 to 2017.

[WATCH] Government gifting ‘stolen’ public property to Labour Party – PN
PN says government gifted public property in Siggiewi to Labour Party from...
'Austin Gatt knew of oil scandal before story broke' - Emanuel Delia
Former minister Austin Gatt’s head of secretariat Emanuel Delia denies...
Muscat promises to ‘up his game’ on environment
Budget 2016
Prime Minister says he is ‘proud to be a salesman for families and...
General Workers Union boss insists membership figures are ‘real’
But numbers leaked to MaltaToday show GWU lost 24% of members and are down to...
[WATCH] Air Malta records €16.4 million loss
Air Malta registers €16 million loss, plans to bring it down to €4...
Tax, work and pensioners: Up to 160,000 to enjoy tax cuts
Budget 2016
Low-income pensioners to get increase
MHRA wants talks on collection of €5 eco-tax
Budget 2016
Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association says 2016 Budget will “take the...
MEPs call on Vella to take action against Maltese government on hunting
89 MEPs urge Karmenu Vella to take urgent action against Maltese government on...
Former ONE TV employee earns €58,568 in government consultancies
Pierre Cachia earns €58,568 from three ministries in 12 months
Hunting chief served as government consultant during referendum
While heading pro-hunting referendum campaign, Lino Farrugia remained on...
GO plc asks banks for advice on full sale by Emirates
Business News
Reuters reports that GO plc is asking for banks’ advice on ‘full...
Muscat orders review of safety procedures in public events
Following Paqpaqli ghal-Istrina accident, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat orders...
Update 2 | Confusion over reported murder of Libyan militia leader by Italian commandos
Libyan militia leader and alleged human smuggler reportedly killed by Italian...
Pope Francis to visit Malta in 2016, claims Catholic traditionalists’ blog
Catholic traditionalists say they have inside scoop on papal visit set for late...
As Europe dithers, refugees’ agony lingers
MaltaToday has asked two specialist activists whether solutions to the current...
Compassion is no insurance policy
The outrage at the death of asylum seekers attempting to reach Europe by boat...
University rector denies future role at ‘American University’
Outgoing University of Malta rector Juanito Camilleri rules out taking up...
Updated | Commission to take Malta to EU court over refusal to end bird trapping
Controversial 2014 decision by Labour government to reopen trapping season...
[WATCH] Notte Bianca to include activities in hidden parts of Valletta
Cultural Diary
Notte Bianca attracts some 60,000 people to the capital and involves some 500...
Muscat calls for regularisation of ‘migrant workers’
Prime Minister says government will be looking at regularising asylum seekers...