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[WATCH] MHRA presents plans that go 'beyond growth' of tourism sector to focus on quality
PM Joseph Muscat said, during a meeting with the MHRA, that one of the...
Minister mum over Zammit’s future as wardens’ head after sons are questioned
Justice minister will not comment on ‘speculation’ about former...
[WATCH] Developers association calls for action on derelict private property
Budget 2016
The Malta Developers Association, in a meeting with PM Joseph Muscat, also...
[WATCH] Government calls for proposals to expand international arbitration services
Government launches a request for proposals to turn Malta into an attractive...
Pink October campaign to raise funds for new equipment
NGOs talk about the importance of frequent screening and of knowing how to spot...
[WATCH] Controversial disinheritance proposal still at early stages of discussion
Parliamentary Secretary Justyne Caruana says elderly abuse and neglect clauses...
National standards for residences for persons with disability launched
Parliamentary Secretary Justyne Caruana launches set of 19 standards for...
ISIL lays waste to mankind’s heritage
ISIL's destruction of priceless world heritage sites are an assault on...
PN approves more general election candidates
Nationalis Party approves 16 candidates for the upcoming general elections,...
'Families paying the price for government scandals' - PN
PN says that those with the lowest income are paying for the government's...
Online poll | Majority would not host refugee family in their homes
Just 256 of 2,127 participants to an online poll say they would host a family...
Benefits will be given to those who deserve them, not to create dependence – Edward Scicluna
Budget 2016
"The people have finally understood that this government has true vision,...
[WATCH] Up to PN to participate in consultation on embryo freezing, says Muscat
The PN's role in consultations over the proposed IVF law reform remains...
PM visits Dar tal-Providenza, celebrating its 50th anniversary
Since the opening of the home, now celebrating its 50th...
Swieqi gears up for neighbourhood watch
Deputy mayor Justin Fenech says Swieqi has been affected this summer just...
Updated | Criminal gang used bump keys to commit string of thefts
Two Georgian citizens, one Polish man, a Lithuanian man and a woman from...
Police were hasty in charging Seabank directors – Busuttil
Opposition leader Simon Busuttil says no reason had been given for the IVF law...
[WATCH] Busuttil calls for public inquiry over residency permit scare
Prime Minister to await court conclusions before launching inquiry into visas...
[WATCH] Draft policy aimed at curtailing encroachment abuse
Ministers launch public consultation on a draft policy on outdoor catering areas
[WATCH] Vibrant rivalry colours annual Regatta’s display of athleticism
Marsa wins the Regatta for the second year in a row