Martina Borg focuses on lifestyle and society issues

Dalli: ‘We must address violence, not just take victims away from it’
Social dialogue minister Helena Dalli urges perpetrator programmes to address...
[WATCH] Giving wildlife a second chance: Nature Trust’s rescue and rehabilitation services
Inside Nature Trust's rescue and rehabilitation services
[WATCH] New Family Businesses act to make company transfers easier
Economy minister Chris Cardona launched white paper on the family business act...
€3,000 cancer meds are not on government formulary list
Cancer stricken mother calls for reform of government’s medicines...
In-work benefit extended to families with one working parent
1,269 people benefitted from the scheme last year
[WATCH] Minister suggests army grievances board here to stay
Carmelo Abela says grievances boards 'not part' of court ruling to...
[WATCH] 19 new AFM vehicles inaugurated
The AFM received unprecedented investment this year, including €1.5...
GWU launches training sessions for 140 of its members
Programme launched by the General Workers Union to train shop stewards
Residents enraged at sewage outflow in Valley Road, Birkirkara
Readers have sent in images and complaints about the persistent issue that...
In the Press: Air Malta to ‘stand on its own feet’ by March
Stories from today’s national press
Elderly to receive medicines directly at home
Government signs service level agreement for the home delivery of medicines
Electronic tablet roll-out for primary schools to start next year
Budget 2016
'Tablets encourage a more personalised development' - minister Evarist...
[WATCH] Physical activity programme launched in secondary schools
The 'Schools in Movement' programme aims to increase students'...
[WATCH] 'Busuttil must take a decision on Claudio Grech' - Labour party
A collection of emails reveal that PN MP Claudio Grech had met oil trader...
Employment minister urges ETC, education sectors to address skills gap
ETC chairman Clyde Caruana says ETC plans to drop unemployment to below 4,000...
Local council association suggests ‘walking buses’ for schoolchildren
Local council association releases recommendations to effectively curb traffic...
PN questions suitability of preferred bidder for Gozo hospital
Shadow Gozo minister Chris Said says Gozo general hospital employees are...
[WATCH] €2 million in EU funds allocated to various projects
The funds tied to the European Social Fund for the...
[WATCH] Bonnici evasive on President's Office supercar crash liability
Justice minister Owen Bonnici says it would be "premature to...
11 inmates currently in rehabilitation programme
Minister Carmelo Abela and justice minister Owen Bonnici said that the...