PN has demonstrated its commitment to voice concerns of the masses – Busuttil

PN leader Simon Busuttil looks forward to a year of practising good governance and of representing the concerns of the people

Simon Busuttil presenting 109 proposals to clean up politics
Simon Busuttil presenting 109 proposals to clean up politics

Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil said that throughout the year, the party has shown its commitment to voicing the concerns of the general public.

Speaking during a telephone conversation on Radio 101, Busuttil said that 2015 had been an overall positive year for the party.

“PN has shown that it has got nearer to the public and it has also demonstrated it is committed to a new way of practising politics,” he said.

Busuttil added that throughout the year, the PN had shown it was open to a new kind of more open and honest politics to restore people’s faith in politics

Making particular reference to the parliamentary session about the land transfer for Sadeen's private 'American University of Malta’ held between Tuesday and Wednesday morning, Busuttil described it as emblematic of the rest of the year.

“The government’s mask of deception is crumbling and the PN ‘s commitment to honesty and good governance is emerging stronger than ever,” Busuttil said.

“Throughout the marathon debate, which lasted until 9.30 am on Wednesday morning, PN MPs stood up for the rights and concerns of the people while ministers defended the lies behind the project,” he said stressing that the Sadeen group’s private ‘American University’ was neither American, nor yet classified as a University.

“People are begin given the message that the PN is there to voice the concerns of the masses.”

Busuttil further stressed the PN’s document on good governance aimed at re-building people’s trust in politics.

“The document, presented at the end of the year, shows the party’s willingness to make the necessary changes,” he said, pointing out that it contained over 100 proposals for a different way of doing politics.

He added that the proposals will be discussed and explained early next year to show that it is indeed possible to practise the principles of good governance.

Looking forward to an encouraging and promising year, Busuttil expressed his best wishes for the festive season.