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Medical simulation centre part of Gozo hospital project – Fearne
Energy minister pledges LNG power station will be running by next summer
[WATCH] Justice minister wants frank debate on ‘right to be forgotten’
Controversial right would allow people to have online histories removed when...
Tenders for pet cemetery to be issued in coming weeks – Galdes
Environment minister Leo Brincat says the government plans to create a...
White Paper proposes more 'professionalisation' of real estate sector
Economy minister Chris Cardona says government is committed to further...
[WATCH] Children's Dreams Initiative 2015 launched
The initiative attempts to make the dreams of children in difficult social...
[WATCH] €23 million fund for asylum, migration and integration launched
Fund to target education in culture and languages as well as more...
Cyber security can attract foreign investment - Cardona
Tech & Gaming
Economy minister Chris Cardona says cyber security threats could scare off...
Opposition is in no position to lecture government on fund absorption – Ian Borg
Budget 2016
Deputy prime minister Louis Grech says this year’s budget would...
MP says government is behind schedule in EU fund absorption
Budget 2016
PN deputy leader calls for better administrative support for MPs
[WATCH] Justyne Caruana says disability hub focuses on much needed services
Parliamentary secretary for persons with disability Justyne Caruana says focus...
Study finds 33.3% of users make excessive use of internet
Tech & Gaming
Study reveals that single, well-educated respondents between ages of 18 and 21...
Cancer drugs on agenda for inclusion in formulary list
Ccancer patient Claire Ebejer spoke to MaltaToday and called for the government...
Minister says PN leader answerable over millions given to TRC
Budget 2016
Parliamentary secreteary Jose Herrera says government plans to invest in...
Minister and MP call for united approach to environmental matters
Budget 2016
Galdes says San Frangisk animal welfare centre is to become fully fledged...
MP calls government’s political will in environmental matters ‘weak’, ‘non-existent’
Budget 2016
MP Mario Galea takes issue with lack of animal welfare
[WATCH] Organic waste collection project to launch this month
The project would target five localities and will involve the cooperation of...
Due diligence, assets declaration next reforms in line, Minister says
Budget 2016
Bonnici says Local Enforcement Services Agency is to save the country around...
MP says judges should declare assets, have due dilegence carried out
Budget 2016
Shadow Justice minister Jason Azzopardi encourages the government to remove...
In the Press: Doctors’ Union gives two-week ultimatum
Stories from today’s national papers
[WATCH] GWU expresses commitment to tackling precarious work and social exclusion
General Workers Union discusses precarious work, poverty and job creation with...