The importance of content in today’s economy

With challenges on a scale that humanity has never faced before, getting the basics right is more important than ever

2020 has been a turbulent year so far and it is expected to stay this way. Not all industries have been effected equally, however. While some companies struggle to stay in business, others seem to be thriving. Most of the latter belong to the new economy, offering services helped by technology their customers are now in great need of. This undeniably shows that a trend, one which had already started in the past, is now on the rise: our lives shifting towards the digital world.

With challenges on a scale that humanity has never faced before, getting the basics right is more important than ever.

Why some businesses are thriving

Having a business that addresses essential needs is always a good idea. Nonetheless, with customers not being allowed to leave the house, catering for these needs must take on a new form. Delivering food to their doorsteps or providing entertainment at home not only satisfies basic needs but also adapts to the changing environment. Once customers get used to being able to order and consume products/services from home, this timesaving option will become the new norm.

It is no longer a question of whether you should take your business online, but a necessity. Even in small countries like Malta, technological advances and the consequent changing mind-sets of consumers cannot be stopped. Adapting will be the only option to move forward. The catch is that the more businesses that go online, the greater the competition will be.

What it takes to survive

The shift towards the digital does not eliminate our instincts and perceptions of the world. Whether in the ‘real world’ or online, we still use our senses to understand our surroundings.

Therefore, the World Wide Web is not a vacuum. The only reason it exists is due to the uploaded content. Here, however, lies a problem. The greater abundance of content there is, the less likely potential customers will find your website. In order to gain potential customers’ attention, the content on offer has to be better than your competitors’.

According to Forbes, people might be sick of certain approaches within the attention economy; nonetheless, providing high quality content will not offend anyone. On the contrary, it will help someone interested in what you have to offer to find you.

SEO and the Internet

Search Engine Optimisation is the key to helping potential customers find what they are looking for. Including the keywords internet users are searching for is, therefore, essential. When it comes to translations in order to enter a new market, mistakes are often made at this basic but crucial point.

Only experienced translators who, not only know the industry but also the market, will be able to use the correct keywords. Hiring a translation agency such as ContentPRO that caters for your specific industry (in this case iGaming) is therefore a worthwhile investment.

No business without trust

The quality of the provided content can also build trust. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and irrelevant topics do not sound like a company that puts a lot of effort into their services. Having content that really speaks to the target audience, on the other hand, can gain loyal customers. Once again, industry specificity, as well as knowledge about the market are essential. An expert copywriting agency would not only save your business time, but will also help generate income.

No trust without customer service

For many purely digital companies, the customer service department provides the only true contact customers have with an employee. Apart from the website, this is another opportunity to show your customers that you are the best option for them. Therefore, the CS team should be in top form. In order to ensure that they are not busy answering questions that should have been made clear on your website, high quality content is needed. 

Internet equals content

These are challenging times regardless of whether your business is thriving or just trying to survive. A transition to the digital world will be inevitable for many, while existing online businesses might struggle with their recent growth and the new competition. In either case, it is important to know that the internet equals content. The better the content provided, the higher the chances these challenges can be met with a solid foundation.

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