[WATCH] Epic replaces Vodafone Malta

Epic with its yellow and black colours has replaced Vodafone Malta in a rebranding exercise that vows to bring value to telecoms

Epic CEO Tamas Banyai
Epic CEO Tamas Banyai

Vodafone Malta has rebranded itself as epic, completing the changeover that started when the company was bought out by Monaco Telecom earlier this year.

The rebranding was unveiled on Tuesday with Epic vowing to offer Malta the best state of the art connectivity and great value without compromise.

The company will continue offering the same services but will be investing heavily to ensure it remains Malta’s top telecoms operator, Epic CEO Tamas Banyai said.

He added that following the acquisition by Monaco Telecoms seven months ago, the company joined Europe’s fastest-growing telecoms family. 

“We felt we could offer our customers better value across our network… We knew we had to make it right and we are making it right as of today,” he said.

Epic will be offering cheaper unlimited mobile plans, with unlimited data, voice and sms, reduced to €24.99.

The new plans will not have a lock-in contract and no penalties will be incurred if the customer switches plan. 

And for an additional €3.99 monthly, customers will receive a free mobile phone. 

On top-up plans, customers will receive double the value of voice and data for €9.99. 

Epic will also be introducing new business unlimited plans.

“As Vodafone, the company was proud to have the best network and infrastructure. Now, as epic, we are going to bring great value to Malta,” Banyai said.