Shoreline owner appointed director of DIZZ finance vehicles

Shoreline shareholder Kevin Deguara appointed as director on DIZZ Finance and D Shopping Malls Finance

Kevin Deguara
Kevin Deguara

One of the main shareholders in the Shoreline project, a luxury apartment complex at Smart City, has joined the DIZZ group as a director.

Lawyer Kevin Deguara has been appointed a director of D Shopping Malls Finance plc and DIZZ Finance plc, both finance vehicles for the DIZZ group’s main operations.

DIZZ is led by retail fashion entrepreneur Diane Izzo, which recently launched a €10 million convertible notes programme to acquire shares in its own food subsidiaries.

Deguara is a director of The Convenience Shop Holding plc, the food retail chain, as well as Horizon Finance plc and Shoreline Mall plc, developers of the Shoreline at Smart City.

He has previously acted as a spokesperson for Sadeen Group, the Jordanian developers of American University of Malta.

He will replace Francis Cassar on the audit committees of both plcs, which are chaired by Joseph Schembri, a director at Lifestar (formerly GlobalCapital).

Deguara is a partner of DF Group, where he specializes in wealth planning for ultra-high net worth individuals. He also occupies a number of posts as director on the boards of a number of companies involved in retail, manufacturing, real estate, corporate services and hospitality business.

In 2019, Deguara was part of a multi-million bond issuance for the acquisition of a 25% acquisition of grocery chain The Convenience Shop, and for the mini-market’s acquisition of various groceries and stores, where it has aimed at extending its network over a total of 100 stores.

Deguara’s Middletown Investments owns a 30% stake in Shoreline Holdings, the luxury apartment development at Smart City; as well as part of Gaia Investments, which holds a major interest in The Convenience Shop Holdings.