High-profile international speakers join EY Malta’s Future Realised Week

Former European prime ministers Yves Leterme, Jan Peter Balkenende and Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela and Opposition Bernard Grech in line-up for EY Malta’s Future Realised Week

With many more names still to be announced, EY have announced speakers from the World Economic Forum, World Bank, Microsoft, SAP, Bocconi University as well as several former European Prime Ministers. 

For over a decade, EY’s Future Realised, formerly known as the Malta Attractiveness Event, has brought top international speakers to Malta to discuss key global and local business issues around investment, the economy, sustainability, and technology. With the event completely transformed into a virtual experience taking place over four days, EY is taking the opportunity to bring more international content and make this a truly global forum once again. 

The speaker line-up this year includes three former European Prime Ministers; Yves Leterme (former Prime Minister of Belgium); Jan Peter Balkenende (former Prime Minister of the Netherlands); and Jan Krzysztof Bielecki (former Prime Minister of Poland), the latter two having also  featured in previous editions. Dr Robert Abela and Dr Bernard Grech have also confirmed their participation.  

Other international speakers include: Gallina Vincelette, World Bank, Director for the European Union; Emily Bayley, World Economic Forum, Project Lead, ESG, Future of Investing; Valentina Ion, Microsoft, Director Business Strategy; Tom Raftery, SAP, Global VP, Futurist, and Innovation Evangelist; and Catherine De Vries, Bocconi University, and many more still to be announced.   

They will be joined by leading local business leaders, academics, and politicians to discuss their views on the challenges and opportunities being faced at both country and corporate level.  

This year’s theme is one of optimism and possibility, “The future is in your hands”, with each day focusing on different topics.  

The opening day commences with an overview of the global economic landscape, followed by a focus on Malta’s current FDI attractiveness, COVID-19 recovery, and an exploration of Malta reimagined.  

The second day focuses on innovation, technology, and the future, with deep-dives into Malta’s strong and well-established manufacturing sector, the future of e-health, and clean energy.  

The third day outlines the future of work, education and skills and closes with a discussion by former world leaders on megatrends shaping industries today.  

The final day looks at sustainability, bettering our built environment, and the role of the private sector in achieving long-term value for the Island.  

EY Malta Country Managing Partner, Ronald Attard, said: “This year’s event aims to build on key issues affecting the country and looking at new way to stimulate economic growth without compromising our environment. We have pressing concerns such as the COVID-19 recovery and the recent FATF grey listing, but as these are addressed, we need to simultaneously look ahead and ensure the steps we take today really build a better Malta tomorrow. Global speakers provide international context and insights which are worth noting and it is always great to hear novel ideas from local business leaders.” 

During the event, the results of the Malta Attractiveness Survey, an annual study conducted among existing FDI companies in Malta, will outline current investors’ sentiments on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, Malta’s strengths, weaknesses and where we should be focusing our efforts. The Attractiveness Survey is led by Simon Barberi, EU Consulting Director.   

The EY Generate Youth Survey will also be presented, outlining the views of Millennials and Generation-Z on COVID-19, the economy, and their future in Malta. 

The initiative is being organised in partnership with the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry and is supported by, GO plc, BNF Bank, MSV Mapfre plc, Studioseven, INDIS Malta, the Malta Communications Authority, the Environment and Resources Authority, and the Malta Gaming Authority.  

Future Realised Week will take place between October 19-22 and is open to public and private sector leaders, academics, students, NGOs, businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups, environmentalists, advisors, investors, techies, creatives  and everybody with Malta and their own future, at heart.  

For more information and to register for this free virtual event visit ey.com/en_mt/events/future-realised-2021 and for any queries contact [email protected]