Waistnot: Heat. Eat. Repeat.

Joseph Barbara provides an insight into how Waistnot, Malta’s leading ready-meals product line, came into being and what it's all about

Joseph Barbara and Chef Paul Caruana
Joseph Barbara and Chef Paul Caruana

As an American, prepacked frozen meals are a staple in my country, especially when I was in my college years. Lean Cuisine and later the brand Healthy Choice came along to rival the Lean Cuisine empire.  

I have bought my fair share of frozen meals, but my friends would have their freezers packed full of these boxes from the bottom to the top.

Then, as we grew older, we realized how commercially produced meals differ from homely cooked meals in their nutritional composition and I left those frozen meals in the rearview. Many friends still to this day buy those same old boxes.

My attitude toward frozen meals was not a positive one until recently when I was given the privilege and opportunity to step inside the baking kitchen for Malta’s leading ready-meals product line, Waistnot, that provides freshly made meals that are packaged and instantly frozen.

This is not to be confused with the old frozen boxes of meals that I grew up knowing, they are nothing alike (except they are both frozen after preparation).

When I was allowed to walk through the kitchen and witness the chefs hand prepare each meal and then put it into the containers to cover and freeze, I was blown away. This is like having your very own granny pre-make your favourite dishes and then put them in the freezer for you to eat another day.

And Joseph Barbara’s grandmother is actually in their kitchen at the facility helping make the foods every single day! It’s real! What I am saying here is the absolute truth, grandma Barbara is in that kitchen at the Food Factory baking herself!  

Highlight on Joseph Barbara

The Waistnot product line- was created and continues to be spearheaded by the son of James Barbara of James Catering and Food Factory Malta, Joseph Barbara.

It seems that Joseph carries the same creative and hard-working genes as his father. During the COVID lockdown, Joseph took it upon himself to create a new brand for people who needed healthy meals made easy.

Grandma Barbara in the kitchen
Grandma Barbara in the kitchen

He asked the team at the Food Factory not to tell his father of his new enterprise until he was sure it would be a success. He enlisted chef Paul Caruana to assist him in every recipe we now see in the stores. Since that time, Waistnot is becoming a recognized brand with international appeal selling in countries such as but not limited to Saudi Arabia, Romania, Czech Republic and Greece. 

His father, James, is very supportive of the grand plan especially now that Joseph’s idea is bearing the fruit! In fact, before Joseph revealed to his father his new enterprise, James came to his son’s office with a package of Waistnot in his hands telling him that they were missing such an offering in their portfolio, immediately recognizing the potential. 

Waistnot foods are made in-house at the Food Factory and I was able to see the meals being prepared. They are made in a new and beautiful, clean kitchen with skilled workers. These are the real deal! Healthy, fresh and delicious without added chemicals or dyes.

Each meal is set to be under 500 calories and ready to heat and eat. Meals such as Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Massaman, Roasted Carrots and Parmesan Broccoli or Smoked Macaroni and Cheese are even suitable for vegetarians out there. And dear vegans we ask you to hang in there a little while….

Waistnot offers a lot of different cuisines from all over the globe such as Thai Meatballs and green Beans With Rice, and Yellow Lentil and chickpea Dahl. There are several dishes with chicken and beef as well. Wolt even delivers the meals to your door and offers conveniently priced meal plan bundles!

Next time you head to your local grocery, be sure to pick up a meal from the Waistnot range and let us know what you think!

You can find out more about the Waistnot products at www.waistnot.eu

To learn more about the Food Factory and all their products, visit: https://thefoodfactory.com.mt/