Malta climbs six places in Global Competitiveness Index report

Yearly competitiveness index report published by the World Economic Forum ranks Malta 41st, up six places from previous year.

Malta climbed six places in the yearly World Economic Forum index on competitiveness, with Malta ranked at 41 out of 148 countries.

The index listed inefficient government bureaucracy, access to financing and the inadequate supply of infrastructure among the most problematic factors for doing business in Malta. On the otehr hand Malta scored highly in education and ports infrastructure.

The competitiveness index placed Switzerland at the top of the ranking for the fifth year running, while Singapore and Finland retained their second and third positions respectively.

Germany moved up two places to fourth and the United States reversed a four-year downward trend, climbing two places to fifth.

Hong Kong SAR (7th) and Japan (9th) also closed the gap on the most competitive economies, while Sweden (6th), the Netherlands (8th) and the United Kingdom (10th) all dropped in the rankings.

Malta ranked 37th in the GDP per capita index, with $20,852. This placed Malta 17th out of the EU28 above Portugal and the Czech Republic among others. 

In the scoreboard on the level of debt, Malta came in at 120, with its debt standing at 72.5% of GDP.

In the public trust in politicians index, Malta placed in the 44th position, with a rating of 3.4 in a scale of 1 (extremely low) to 7 (extremely high).

In the corruption index, Malta scored 4.2, ranking 60th out of 148 countries. The index is based on the frequency of extra payments or bribes paid by companies in relation to imports and exports; public utilities; annual tax payments; awarding of public contracts and licenses and obtaining favorable judicial decisions.

Malta also ranked at 60th in the index on favoritism in decisions of government officials. Malta scored 3.2 in the scoreboard based on favoritism granted by government officials to well-connected firms and individuals over policies and contracts. The score was based on a scale of 1 (always show favoritism) to 7 (never show favoritism).

Malta seems to have a liking for the 60th place as it also came in at the same position in the transparency of government policymaking index.

However, in the burden of government regulation, Malta scored even worse, coming in at 86, just below Haiti and Swaziland.

Another sore point for Malta is the quality of roads, with Maltese firms rating Malta in the 91st position. In contrast Malta scored highly in the quality of seaport infrastructure, where it occupies the 13th position.

Malta is also among the top placed countries in the quality of air transport infrastructure index, placing at 23rd.

On the other hand, Malta came in at 19 in the scoreboard on the the costs imposed on businesses by crime and violence and 25th in the index on costs imposed on businesses by organized crime. In terms of reliability of police services, Malta placed 33rd.

Malta also scored highly in the index on the strength of auditing and reporting standards, coming in at 13 out of 148 countries.

In the scoreboard on general infrastructure, such as transport, telephony, and energy, Malta placed 36th, however Maltese businesses rate the reliability of the electricity supply badly, with Malta placing in the 69th position.

The education system in Malta is among the top ten in the world, placing 8th although it placed in the 75th position in terms of primary education enrollment rate (93.8%).

Can you afford an article which insults a bunch of people? I am starting to get royally pissed off about the bureaucracy, red tape, comfort level, nepotism etc. in Malta. I assume you have read the attached report - congratulations to Malta - they climbed six points!!! They are still damn close to Nigeria and the lousiest corrupt countries around!!!! This is pathetic; I do not know what maltatoday has as a benchmark... but being part of the EU this is putting the level very low. At this point in time Malta has a one time strategically important opportunity - I am afraid they will prefer to stay in their own comfort zone as long as they are considered to be above Bulgaria in the corruption level....
Education system in top ten in the world. I admit I am surprised.
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