Calamatta Cuschieri launches live trading on Malta Stock Exchange

Financial services firm Calamatta Cuschieri launched new live trading on the Malta Stock Exchange on CCTrader

Calamatta Cuschieri launched live trading on the Malta Stock Exchange via its online trading platform CCTrader.

In a statement, Calamatta Cuschieri explained that investors using the platform now also have access to the live order book for each individual security. Therefore, they are able to view volumes as well as the corresponding ask and bid prices on the exchange before entering orders.

“This new functionality will help investors gauge demand and supply for all instruments trading on the exchange,” it said.

“This is another first for Malta, this time on the local stock exchange,” Alan Cuschieri co-CEO at Calamatta Cuschieri said. “We believe that this is a revolution for investors who invest on the Malta Stock Exchange and that it will facilitate local investors immensely.”

Calamatta Cuschieri is one of Malta’s largest financial services firms that pioneered the local industry as early as 1972.

Today, the company offers a full range of services including Independent Investment Advice, Live Online Trading, Investment Management, Capital Markets and Fund Services.

More information is available by calling on 25 688 888 or visiting 

An example of the app in action
An example of the app in action

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