Shireburn’s success and innovation at passenger terminal expo in Geneva

Passenger Terminal Expo 2013 in Geneva has come to a successful close after a positive week for Shireburn Software and their airport retail and F&B solution Concessionaire Analyzer+ (CA+).

The exhibition gave Shireburn increased exposure and opportunities with discussions with airports from around the world, all of whom reacted positively to the CA+ solution that helps airports increase their non-aeronautical revenues.

Shireburn Software were the only exhibitors, out of 180 stands, with a product aimed at the non-aeronautical revenue sector, helping airports boost the retail and F&B revenues. This gave the company a unique position when considering that the majority of airports worldwide earn approximately 50% of their revenues from non-aeronautical sources and often, it is the non-aeronautical revenues that are profitable and counteract losses in the aeronautical sector.

With the positive outcome at Passenger Terminal Expo, the Shireburn team eagerly look forward to exhibiting CA+ at upcoming international events including the ACI Regional Airports Conference and Exhibition (15-17 April) in Lyon and the ACI Europe Airport Trading Conference (22-24 April) in Hamburg. 

CA+, a software solution, developed by Shireburn Software, helps airports manage and boost retail and F&B revenues. A software solution like CA+ becomes critical to airports at a time when they increasingly focus and rely on retail and F&B revenues to boost performance. The CA+ solution allows airports to automate the collection of sales data from the retail and F&B concessions in their terminals, to analyse such data to better understand sales patterns and to identify trends and opportunities for improving concessionaire sales and airport revenues. 

CA+ also allows the management of commercial contracts, the calculation of revenues based on complex revenue shares and minimum guarantees, as well as the billing to concessionaires, optionally integrated to the airport's back-end ERP system. 

Through detailed analysis of sales per flight, destination, product category and more, airports are able to work with their concessionaires to boost retail and F&B sales and thus revenues for the airport. 

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