Search engine delivers local results, preserves battery power

New local website powered by Google, helps prolong mobile battery life

A new local search engine, has been launched, promising to help internet users save energy by a simple change in the website's background colour from white to black.

It uses the concept that an average computer monitor requires considerably more power to display a white screen than a black one. In a comment, one of the co-founders of stated, “Many Maltese are now browsing the internet using a tablet or mobile device and battery consumption is considerably high on such gadgets. We aim to help the Maltese public by saving energy and also by delivering custom search results targeted towards the Maltese public.”

This new local website's search results are powered by Google's custom powered search technology and use a black background to display search results instead of the white screen users are accustomed to.

The new website combines the largest web index search engine powered with local relevance while providing a new way of reducing users' carbon footprint on the environment.

An average monitor consumes 74 watts when displaying an all-white page. “We conducted an experiment whereby we managed to extend the battery life of a brand tablet by as long as 50% just by using websites with a black background.” stated a spokesperson for the website “and it felt easier on the eyes as well” he concluded.