Vodafone Malta reaches 99% population coverage for 4G superfast mobile internet

Vodafone Malta remains the only mobile operator on the island to offer 4G, which was launched in Malta only one year after it was first introduced in the United Kingdom.

Over 99% of the population across Malta and Gozo is now covered by Vodafone Malta’s superfast 4G network – the first and still the only such service in Malta. This brings to a close the company’s national roll-out of 4G which began just two years ago, at the end of 2013.   

Vodafone Malta remains the only mobile operator on the island to offer 4G, which was launched in Malta only one year after it was first introduced in the United Kingdom. This service typically offers speeds up to ten times faster than standard 3G or public Wi Fi on customers’ mobile devices. Vodafone’s 4G technology also allows for superior speeds on mobile even compared to fixed line internet services in Malta today. Current estimates are that given a suitable handset speeds of up to 150Mbps can be achieved over the 4G network.

Vodafone Malta invested over €10 million in launching 4G and this formed part of a wider major investment in every aspect of the Vodafone network’s strength, quality and connectivity. This investment enabled the introduction of other new network services including HD Voice launched earlier this year which produces crystal clear quality sound using state of the art technology of background noise reduction.

The network investment in Malta formed part of Vodafone Group’s market-wide network modernisation programme which was designed to respond to customers’ ever growing use of mobile internet. Malta is very clearly moving in line with this trend, with the latest Eurobarometer Survey published in February showing a massive increase in smartphone use in Malta. Survey results showed that in 2014 over 61% of internet users were accessing mobile data through their smartphone, an increase of 32% over the previous year.

Vodafone Malta’s latest statistics also indicate this growth in smartphone usage further accelerating: over 80% of the phones sold by Vodafone these days are 4G capable. 

“Our drive to provide the fastest and most reliable network was the obvious decision” said Sheila Kavanagh, Vodafone Malta’s new Head of Technology. “Mobiles can do so much more for people than just calling or texting. People need access to mobile data anytime and anywhere and with 4G we provide them with the fastest and most secure mobile internet experience on the island."

She said, that the fact that almost half of thier total data traffic is now carried over our 4G network clearly indicates that customers appreciate the quality and speed it offers. 

"We are therefore so pleased to have reached the 99% milestone since this now means that every one of our customers can now use superfast internet on their mobile with 4G if they wish to. We are also aware that with people using more mobile internet could lead to concerns about running up high bills for data. This is why we launched RELAX earlier this year for our postpaid customers, which cut rates for out-of-bundle data usage by 80% and introduced a better notification system and a flat rate of  €2 for every 100MB above a customer’s bundle. This empowers our customers to be fully in control of their mobile data costs and eliminates any worry about their next bill. Those customers who regularly need bigger data allowances can also boost their allowances with add-ons to their plans."

As part of its wider customer service commitment Vodafone Malta remains committed to providing the best mobile network on the island and is already working on a number of initiatives to enhance its services even further.