The return of Christmas in the Capital

Valletta Cultural Agency has unveiled its annual Christmas programme named Christmas in the Capital

Just a few days ago, the Valletta Cultural Agency unveiled its annual Christmas programme named Christmas in the Capital. As with each passing year, the Agency maintains its steadfast commitment to prioritize the community within the city. The programme is designed to engage and celebrate the spirit of the local community during the festive season.

In these festive times, a profound sense of unity prevails, offering an opportunity for collective celebration of the inherent beauty of humanity. Given the current backdrop of cruelty, violence, and conflicts in various parts of the world, including the very lands where the history of Christmas originated, this year's Christmas programme by the Valletta Cultural Agency also focuses on the themes of peace and serenity, encapsulating the true spirit of Christmas.

A notable addition to the Agency's programme, in collaboration with the Archbishop, the Curia, the Mużew Society, and the community, is the reintroduction of the traditional procession of Baby Jesus. This cherished procession, deeply rooted in Maltese tradition, symbolizes not only celebration but also serves as a powerful emblem of hope and peace, resonating with the essence of Christmas.

The procession will commence near the Church of Our Lady of Victory, traversing Zackary Street, pausing in front of St John’s Co-Cathedral where the Archbishop will deliver a message. The journey will continue with a musical performance by the Choral and Orchestral Society Maria Bambina and will conclude at Triton Square. This revival of the procession seeks to honour its historical significance and infuse it with the life and recognition it deserves.

The Christmas programme is brimming with a diverse array of activities, totalling 29 in all. The festivities commenced on Monday 27th November, with the illumination of locally produced lights adorning the main streets of Valletta. A living tree was also unveiled in front of the Parliament, destined to be planted in Ta' Qali once the Christmas Programme concludes. The artistic Christmas crib, situated next to the entrance of St John’s Co-Cathedral, was inaugurated.

The festive atmosphere in Valletta was enhanced with the launch of an original Christmas song titled "Tridx Tkun Tiegħi Dan il-Milied”. The song was performed live by The Travellers, Michela, Ira Losco, and Gianluca Bezzina on the day of the launch. Additionally, an official music video was unveiled online just a few days ago, offering a visual complement to the holiday anthem. The artists delighted the audience with a short concert, infusing the Christmas celebration in Valletta with a wonderful musical experience.

On December 5th, the eagerly anticipated projections illuminated St George’s Square, featuring a magical scenario that includes a stunning depiction of a sky filled with stars. This visual spectacle added a magical touch to the festive ambiance, enhancing the overall experience for those visiting the square during the Christmas celebrations in Valletta.

Throughout the remainder of December, several engaging activities will unfold in Valletta. Republic Street will resonate with the sounds of Christmas music, creating a festive atmosphere. The Valletta Design Cluster will host Shadow Puppetry Workshops dedicated to children, offering a creative and entertaining experience. Stilt Walkers will grace the main streets, adding an element of joy to the festivities.

Dancel Dance Studio will contribute to the celebration with Pop-Up Events, while Street Animators will enliven various locations across the city. Choirs, including Centrestage Children’s Choir, Malta School of Music, and EnKor, will serenade the audience with traditional Christmas songs. Additionally, a classical concert by Kor Malta will take place at the Anglican Cathedral. The musical offerings continue with performances by popular groups and artists such as Sean Borg and Veronique, RIONA, Opening Doors, and others, ensuring a diverse and vibrant celebration of the holiday season in Valletta.

The grand finale of the Christmas programme will culminate in the New Year’s Eve event, the largest of its kind in the country. St. George’s Square will once again play host to this spectacular event, offering free admission to all attendees. As the year draws to a close, this event promises to be a memorable and festive celebration, bringing the community together for a joyous conclusion to the Christmas festivities in Valletta.

The overarching goal of this year's Christmas programme is not only to spread joy but also to foster a sense of solidarity and reflection. The Valletta Cultural Agency envisions that, through its programmes, it can inspire a spirit of goodwill and compassion that transcends the festive season.