Climate change: our common challenge | Dario Vella

This is a collective aim and only together we can achieve these goals. When we put aside politics, as Maltese citizens, such issues brought us together and past results speaks for themselves

Enthusiastically, I welcome the initiative for a €700 million investment in environment and our climate change response, not for the simple reason that it is a proposal made by my leader Dr Robert Abela and the Labour government, but because it’s my belief in principal that the environment and climate change are one of the significant matters humanity must work together to save the whole world that gives us life.

This is a global warning on all of us and, although many governments around the world are funding different strategies to mitigate and recover our beloved earth, it depends on every individual to encourage each other; to participate in promoting innovative solutions; and to play a huge role in contributing to improve quality of life for current and future generations.

Other initiatives were introduced by the government in recent years, such as, a car-pooling system that can reduce carbon dioxide emissions and make commutes faster; minimize fuel costs and at the same time provide a social outlet for people by means of walking or use of bicycles.

Another initiative concerned the reduced usage of paper, since we have advanced technology that is replacing the need of printing.

Last month the government announced that Malta will be amongst the first countries to ban certain single-use plastic products in the EU.

The ban will apply to products such as plastic bags, cutlery, straws, etc. There are plenty of ideas coming from other people of different political opinions.

Individuals also are contributing to this cause. For example, collecting waste from our beaches and the sea. Many companies are organising team-building for their employees by spending a day either cleaning valleys, parks, or planting trees. Children in schools are being mentored on how to recycle better and the benefits it brings by do so, plant flowers and on what food that should be eaten. In a nutshell, the majority are already taking this subject seriously, whilst regrettably, some still take it with a pinch of salt.

Building underground car spaces with green spaces above is going to allow to enjoy and appreciate what nature is all about. Certain residential buildings already implemented roof gardens. This includes a school in Hamrun, places in Valletta, and surely many others in different localities.

Are we doing enough? Of course not! We owe our mother earth much more in what it gave us all these years. Contributing does not mean forking out financial support but providing time management, endeavour and engaging those who still think don’t take this subject seriously at all, despite global warming might be lead to the extinction of our planet.

The war in Ukraine is a clear example of how people should understand the severity of the climate change. People are coming together, condemning the killing of human beings and the destruction of historical and residential buildings. Just stop and think for a few seconds. On a larger scale, this is what is happening to our planet when we talk about global warming!

This is a collective aim and only together we can achieve these goals. When we put aside politics, as Maltese citizens, such issues brought us together and past results speaks for themselves.

My dream is to be part of the results achieved by many contributors and of course, live in a sustainable environment for generations to come.