I vote clean, and that means neither PN nor PL

AD candidate Ralph Cassar says that Labour will not get his vote, nor will the PN, because he does not waste votes on ‘unprincipled political prostitutes, arrogance and dirt’

'There are only people hell bent on controlling state institutions to their advantage.'
'There are only people hell bent on controlling state institutions to their advantage.'

The haters are out in force. They claim that they ‘choose Malta’, when in fact they choose themselves, they position themselves to be appointed, some of them again, in various positions in government quangos, agencies, as consultants and various lucrative positions. They change their tune according to the government and have the gall to parrot the ‘I choose Malta’ slogan over and over again.

A slogan borrowed from the far-right French candidate Le Pen. The most laughable of all are the political spots with pale faced people declaring their ‘worry’, some of them well known political prostitutes, jumping on any bandwagon that gives them some airtime and the chance to screech on front of adoring crowds. And to top it all we have Simon Busuttil saying that he will ‘choose Malta’, when that means is ‘please choose me as Prime Minister’.

Slogans and prostitutes apart, unless you are a diehard, you have to be really and truly gullible, to lap up the Nationalist propaganda of ‘change’ – just have a look at their lies over the years, just have a look at their arrogant demeanor and their equating of ‘God and country’ to the party. Remember the arrogant elite who take over the country when the PN is in government. Marlene Farrugia’s ‘Nazzjonalisti, Nazzjonalisti’ screeching at a PN mass meeting in Gozo tops the pops for crassness and political opportunism of the worst kind.

Now Marlene Farrugia and Godfrey Farrugia’s ministry was used as an example of bad governance by the PN just after the 2013 election. Just search the internet for the NET News clips telling us how Marlene, who seemed to be running the show, stuffed the Health Ministry with her cousins and other hangers on.  But in the hypocritical world of the Nationalists that has all been forgotten. The thing is that they manage to dupe people into parroting the ‘Forza Nazzjonali’ fake news. There is no ‘Forza Nazzjonali’, not on the ballot sheet, not anywhere. There are only people hell bent on controlling state institutions to their advantage. Their ‘l-aktar Gvern korrott’ slogan is interesting. Which was the second most corrupt one then?

There will be those who will promptly answer ‘but Labour is worse’. As if one is supposed to choose between the dirty anyway. There is the dirt which shows up quickly and there is hidden dirt. Labour behaved like pigs at a trough. Think back – a new style of politics was promised over and over again – from Gonzi to Muscat. It was all fake. Fake promises – because both of them are beholden to strong lobbies and monied interests. The Nationalists are experts in keeping dirt under wraps, Labour are more in your face. And anyway it is the system which stinks to high heavens. Labour will not get my vote, neither will PN. I do not waste votes on unprincipled political prostitutes, arrogance and dirt.

The choice is really clear. You either choose to prop up the system. You either play their game of ‘the lesser of two evils’. You either vote out dirt to get more of it. Or else you can Vote Clean, Vote Green. I invite you to read our manifesto and have a look at our candidate list here: http://www.alternattiva.org.mt/candidates-2/

Ralph Cassar is an AD Candidate on the 7 and 11 districts

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