Letters: 23 November 2014

Chris Packham awarded!

Following a string of biased videos taken during the 2014 spring hunting season, all totally devoid of concrete fact, the choice of Chris Packham receiving the UK Green Ribbon Award for the best environmental campaign as reported in the local media on 18 November is indeed significant.

Clearly this proves clowns are most likely to win awards for doing nothing but making people laugh. 

Chris Packham who declared he would be filming “millions of birds being shot by thousands of hunters” actually filmed nothing but two or three dead or injured birds of unknown provenance that certainly disprove his declared intentions. 

The man is a farce and awarding him for a total sham makes the Green Ribbon Award even more farcical.

Considering “The 2014 Green Ribbon Political Awards are kindly sponsored by Thames Tideway Tunnel, a major new sewer urgently needed to help address the unacceptable and growing problem of raw sewage discharges into the tidal River Thames” (http://tinyurl.com/oumucbp), Chris Packham was indeed the perfect match for such sponsorship and therefore the choice is quite understandable.

Mark Mifsud Bonnici, President, Kaccaturi San Umbertu

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