Europe – learning to live together

The EU allows former foes to now live together in one large community of nations

I write shortly after the outcome of Brexit. Some years ago I visited one of the numerous WWII cemeteries in Belgium. This particular cemetery was spread over a large valley, literally with thousands of uniform tombstones marking the graves of young soldiers from different European countries who fought each other.

If there is one big plus behind the EU it is that former foes now live together in one large community of nations rather than killing each other for a piece of land.

Perhaps we need reminding that the horrors of past wars are not fiction but a stark reality which can be repeated again with more devastating results. Much has been said for and against the EU. For me with all its shortcomings – and there are quite a few – the EU overall is a necessity where the nationalistic aspirations of each Member State come second to the overall well-being of all the people who live in the EU. 

Paul Edgar Micallef

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