Rupert Murdoch, the people’s puppeteer

Murdoch was the puppeteer behind Farage

Rupert Murdoch
Rupert Murdoch

The Western World has had the likes of Randolph Hearst, Lord Beaverbrook and Robert Maxwell.

Much-maligned though they were by the way they swayed public opinion to suit vested interests against the common good, compared with Rupert Murdoch they have turned out to be as wholesome as a glass of milk.

Murdoch was the puppeteer behind Farage.

His daily The Sun has for years been running a campaign about how bad the EU was for Britain.

As a very late starter on Fleet Street, decades after the institution called The Daily Mirror, The Sun in a matter of a few years, grew into such a tremendous force that it became Britain’s biggest-selling daily, with the Mirror forever languishing behind.

Murdoch was once asked in a BBC interview, why is he so rabidly anti-EU? Hardly had the interviewer finished his question, then Murdoch jumped in with: “When I go to Brussels, nobody takes any notice of me. When I go to Downing Street, I never emerge from No. 10 before having them doing my bidding.”

Joe Genovese