Malta Philharmonic Orchestra’s nurturing of young talent

There was some bad publicity in the media about the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) as of late but here's a more 'balanced picture'

Recently there was some bad publicity in the media about the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO). It is not my intention to go into the merits of the case.  Unfortunately, as happens in such instances, the media picked up on this single news item and painted a very dark picture of the MPO, ignoring in the interim all the professional work and dedication of the board and management of the orchestra.

I think it is appropriate and just that your readers are given a more balanced picture by mentioning some of the ongoing work and the achievements of the board and management of the national orchestra. For example as a parent I can attest to the huge progress in the activities and in the annual orchestral programme of the Malta Youth Orchestra backed by master classes and tuition by local and foreign professional music performers. Another initiative worth commending is the strategy of the chairman to support young Maltese talent in their musical career with a view to plan ahead for the future of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra.  

These are a few examples out of many which I could mention which unfortunately go unreported by the media, thus not portraying a true and just representation of the facts. Public opinion remains biased and not well served in the process.


Jesmond Cutajar



Company mentioned in Azerbaijani Laundromat

I was astonished with the contents of the article ‘Azerbaijani Laundromat includes two Malta firms’ (MaltaToday 13th September 2017), in which its author, Matthew Vella claims that the company operating under the business name Wise Holding Limited has been part of a global network through which money was passed from an Azerbaijan’ slush fund.

As managing director and shareholder of Wise Holding Limited I find it necessary to issue a statement dismissing these claims. Neither myself, nor the company has ever been involved in any relation with companies listed in the article. For my entire business career I always have been acting diligently, complying with and driven by the highest ethical and business standards.

Since the company did not exist at the time the Azerbaijani scam took place, I was extremely confused reading that Wise Holding Limited was part of a laundering chain. As can be easily verified with the Registrar of companies, Wise Holding Limited was incorporated in May, 2014, while the alleged transfer which the company is supposed to have benefited from was executed in August 2013.

I regret that the revelations offending me and Wise Holding Limited were published without prior diligent verification. Taking legal action cannot be excluded, however by the time the appointed attorney will contact you, I would expect the newspaper to publish a correction.


Artur Lukasiewicz



A prayer for peace and unity

A million children around the world, including Maltese and Gozitan children, will pray the rosary on Wednesday, 18 October, at 9am.

Like last year, the international Pontifical charity foundation, Aid to Church in Need (ACN), is inviting all Maltese children to join children from  all over the world in this Rosary initiative. Last year children from 69 countries participated, including 9,000 boys and girls from Malta and Gozo. 

This year we are celebrating 100 years since Our Lady Queen of the Rosary appeared to three children – Lucia, Francisco and Ġjaċinta – at Fatima so that they would continue to pray through the Rosary for unity and peace in the world.

The three children of Fatima aged 7, 9 and 10 years were not rich or from a noble family, neither did they have a higher education, but they were chosen by God to receive the message through Mother Mary.

The three children understood the words of the Madonna and above all believed in them. God himself chose the three children of Fatima to reveal to them through the Madonna the spiritual remedies that make visible the power of prayer that comes from the purity of children’s hearts.

Therefore we should continue to teach our children and encourage them to say the Rosary, which is the Our Lady’s Plan for Peace that the world needs so much.

Let us together be the voice of Our Lady and help children learn from a young age that by praying the Rosary together we can establish justice and harmony in the world.

We ask the support of everyone, especially this year when we are celebrating the centenary of the Madonna’s apparition to the three children at Fatima, to spread the word among children.

Those who wish to participate in this initiative are asked to contact ACN (Malta) (Tel. 21487818) stating the number of rosaries they need to distribute to all those taking part.

We will send the rosaries out to everyone before 18 October. 


Stephen Axisa,

Aid to the Church in Need (Malta)