Tran|Sport Malta Marathon? That’s an admirable feat of compression, if nothing else

No. 127 | Running With Ministerial Scissors

What are we skinning? The government’s decision to ‘handle’ the cancellation of the much-loved and internationally recognised Malta Marathon and replace it with its own version of much the same thing.

Why are we skinning it? Because it seems as though state capture of an apparently politically innocent athletic activity is fair game ahead of an election.

State capture? Wasn’t this about adapting to new traffic routes? Road safety was the ostensible reason brought up by Transport Malta, yes.

So what’s the problem? Well, they then took the proverbial running bull by the horns and decided to organise their own variant of the Marathon.

That sounds like a pro-active measure... Yes, it seems as though Transport Malta and Sports Malta have energy left to spare despite a looming general election currently underway.

I hope they poured some of that energy into coming up with a really memorable, punchy title. It’s called Tran|Sport Malta Marathon.

Oh... Come on, it’s an admirable feat of compression, if nothing else.

And was there something else in this debacle? Oh yes, plenty.

Run it past me. Ha. Ha. Well, the idea that government would make life difficult for marathon organisers and then swoop in to claim it as their own is quite the look for 2022.

Are they trying to muscle in on some of that sweet, sweet nostalgia? Yes, I mean, the first half of the next season of Stranger Things isn’t dude until the end of May, so... communist-totalitarian chic will have to do for now.

I was thinking of Running Man, thought, but okay. The dystopian vibes track, don’t worry.

Still, fun to know there’s some more (long) months ahead for all of this. Who knows what else the election cycle will throw our way?

Do say: “The government’s swift action on this matter would be commendable if it didn’t also give rise to borderline-disturbing questions about its real intentions. A looming election puts everyone on edge.”

Don’t say: “Has anyone given Ian Borg’s car fetish the consideration it’s due? It may be time for a full-on intervention.”