Say what you will about Joseph Calleja, but I'd rather have him speak about intra-planetary issues than Elon Musk

No. 220 - Extraterrestrial Tenor

What are we skinning? Legendary Maltese tenor Joseph Calleja recounting how 'senior pilots' told him they witnessed 'huge' flying saucers while on duty.

Why are we skinning it? Because we want to believe.

Shouldn't local celebrities focus on promoting their work? I wouldn't say Calleja is a 'local celebrity' exactly. More like a celebrity who happens to be local.

Okay, but UFOs are not his remit, surely. I would throw that question back at you and say: "Whose remit are they, really?"

I don't know, paranormal researchers? That's not an official job description, alas.

Wouldn't it be great if it were, though? Yes, the world would certainly be a more colourful place.

I'd argue that it's already colourful enough already, with variety to spare. But what about those looking into potential new arrivals?

In the absence of bona fide researchers into the field, I guess we'll have to resort to niche podcast hosts to scratch that itch. And what better way to amplify that scratching session than with the help of world-famous operatic tenor?

That is an actual job description, at least? Even though full-time artists emerging from Malta are as rare as extraterrestrial sightings, it seems.

Could this be why Mr Calleja is so keen on proving their existence? It could be. I guess it does get lonely at the top.

Don't you worry that this will make Calleja seem a bit kooky to his fans? I wouldn't worry so much. Surely artists are still allowed a measure of eccentricity.

They could use their platform for more substantial ends. I don't know. A lot of them do, and it's often a cringe-worthy exercise.

Yeah. Celebrities commenting on politics and social justice isn't exactly a pathway to tangible and proactive solutions. To say nothing of celebrities *cough reality TV stars cough* actually getting into politics...

So yes, let's allow the tenor his extraterrestrial speculations. The next step would be for him to use his booming voice as sonar.

To attract UFOs to Malta? Yes.

Would they be classed as irregular migrants, or could they potentially offer another avenue of investment? It all depends on which ministry latches onto the issue first.

Do say: "There's something nostalgic about seeing celebrities go on deep-dives into kooky subjects like the paranormal and UFOs. It's certainly a break from the earnest political sloganeering of a bulk of their ilk."

Don't say: "Say what you will about Joseph Calleja, but I'd rather have him speak about intra-planetary issues than Elon Musk."