Let’s pretend Malta actually does have a clear separation between seasons

The Skinny | No. 2 • End of summer

What are we skinning? The end of summer in Malta, officially scheduled for September 23.

So, what’s the skinny? Summer, a particularly sweltering time of year when Malta’s heat and humidity levels reach fever pitch and the island’s already swollen population doubles by what feels like 200% due to tourist arrivals, has hit that awkward tapering stage where it looks like it’s just about to call it quits for the year.

Why are we giving undue importance to basic climatic routine? First of all... the onset of climate change is here to remind us that none of these things are ‘basic’...

Way to be a downer. I’m already depressed about summer being almost over. Why? Arguably, it’s only at the end of summer that Malta’s warmer months can be truly enjoyed.

How do you mean? Well, think about it. Leaving the house/office/your designated air conditioned bunker no longer feels like stepping into a furnace powered by Nurse Ratchet from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The tourist hordes have started to thin out just a little bit. You can actually ENJOY that trip to the beach and seaside stroll. That pint of beer or glass of Aperol Spritz actually does what it intends to and cools you down.

Okay, fair point. But what about the rain? Our ecosystem kinda needs it. Also, you can finally not feel guilty about being holed up indoors watching Netflix when you should be scoffing Dew Fresh sausages at some (doubtlessly illegal) sunset BBQ with your friends...

Hmm, true enough. I really should get to Season 2 of Mindhunter... Right?! Nothing ushers in the first hints of autumn like a slow-burning exploration of the birth of forensic psycho-analysis, with a little help from America’s most notable serial killers.

There you go, being a downer again. *sigh* Look. The fact is that summer never really ends in Malta. Go swimming. Go al fresco dining. Go hiking. Go exploring ancient cultural sites, and hide under the shade of the trees before they inevitably get the chop. Go SEE the island in all its glory now, when you don’t have to drown in a puddle of your own sweat and/or the torrential, tropical rainstorms we’ll start getting soon enough.

So you’re saying... live? Yes. Please. Now go. Mindhunter needs finishing.

Do say: “Let’s pretend Malta actually does have a clear separation between seasons and enjoy the annual ushering in of a new one.”

Don’t say: “Now that school’s starting up again, any goodwill towards the end of summer will be squashed by traffic congestion.”