Climate change software will monitor Malta abattoir’s carbon emissions

Marsa abattoir will use 20 sensors to understand energy and carbon emissions, to keep track of electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions

Twenty sensors have been installed across the machinery at Marsa’s Public Abattoir to monitor their carbon and energy emissions.

Using data technology, the sensors connect to an energy management platform that will inform the Public Abattoir management of their carbon and energy consumption and output.

From there, ClearVUE.Business’s sustainability consultants and data analysts will guide the Public Abattoir on how to reduce their emissions and cut energy use.

The Public Abattoir is Malta’s first entity to use such a tailored energy and carbon management system, using cutting edge technology to keep track of electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol), a worldwide standard for monitoring emissions.

ClearVUE.Business is an energy and sustainability consultancy that has helped 30,000 clients in the United Kingdom with their energy consumption. The Public Abattoir is a key Maltese client for ClearVUE.Business, which has guided companies to lower their carbon emissions and energy consumption by up to 30 per cent in one year.

“We are very pleased that the Public Abattoir are the first to join us on our net zero journey in Malta. The adverse effects of climate change are being felt across the world, and it is up to governments and businesses in all countries to take responsibility and move from talk to action,” Dan Smith, Director of Energy Services, said.

“The installation of our high-tech energy management system will allow the Public Abattoir to move closer to EU climate target goals and monitor its carbon emissions,” he added.

The installation of the ClearVUE.Zero energy and carbon management system is another step taken by Public Abattoir to improve its operational efficiencies and proactively follow its carbon reduction strategies, following the restoration of the water reservoir earlier this year.

The collaboration with ClearVUE.Business “is demonstration of the effort being made by the Ministry to make the Public Abattoir a showcase of efficiency and quality,” Anton Refalo, Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights, said.

“At the same time, the project is continuing to contribute to the government fulfilling its electoral promise to increase the efficiency of the operation of the Public Abattoir for the benefit of the local farmers,” he added.