It’s time for concrete actions to safeguard natural environment, Birdlife says

The eNGO urged the government to give importance to the environment and to put its verbal commitments into real actions

BirdLife Malta urged the government to give importance to the natural environment, and turn its verbal commitments into concrete actions in a statement on World Environment Day, which was celebrated yesterday.

BirdLife said that in a recent local survey, it was clear that the general public was showing concerns on environmental issues, in particular development and construction. The NGO also noted that people in Malta are becoming more environmentally conscious, and urged the government to give heed to this reality.

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“BirdLife Malta reminds the government of its verbal commitments to give natural environment the importance it deserves and that it is high time to see concrete actions related to proper legislation, changes of policies, enforcement and conservation measures to safeguard our natural environment,” the eNGO said.

“The government is responsible and has the duty to place its full commitment for the benefit of the quality of life of the general public and the common good of the whole country."

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