Tigers, pythons, lizards, brown bears and all the wild animals kept in captivity in Malta

Listed: all the wild animals you do not want seeing escape from a cage, or thrown down the sewer...

A comprehensive list of wild animals registered in Malta has been officially released in the House of Representatives, months after similar requests by MaltaToday to the animal rights ministry were never answered.

The data came in response to a PQ by Nationalist MP Mario Galea.

There are 14 persons currently registered to keep ‘dangerous animals’ in Malta.

A dangerous animal is defined as any species of animal deemed dangerous by the Director Responsible for Veterinary Services because it may cause injury or damage to humans or otherwise. 

They can be kept in zoo establishments or in private collections conforming to the Owning and Keeping of Dangerous Animals Regulations. Refalo denied any changes to the law that would force dangerous animals to be kept in zoos only. 

Dangerous animals are legally distinct from wild animals, the latter of which may be kept in residences if they are not for display. There are just over 70 species of wild animals registered in Malta, including 64 tigers and 24 pumas.