Total of 71 turtle hatchlings emerged from previously undiscovered nest

Documentation of a turtle nest at Ramla l-Ħamra by ERA officials reveals 71 turtle hatchlings emerged successfully

Loggerhead turtle hatchling
Loggerhead turtle hatchling

Documentation of a previously undiscovered turtle nest at Ramla l-Ħamra by Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) officials has shown that 71 hatchlings have emerged. 

This operation was conducted after protective measures were implemented on site and constant monitoring was carried out after the nest was reported. 

Once the nest was opened, five healthy live turtles were found to be still present in the nest, these were immediately released to the sea.

On Friday night, at least 22 loggerhead turtles hatched from an unreported nest on the Gozitan bay. 

ERA said the nest was close to last year’s nests in the bay but since the nest was undiscovered, no protection had been provided, which raised fears of a low outcome of hatchlings.

It also said it erected a perimeter around the site and constant monitoring of the nest was carried out. 

The loggerhead turtle

The loggerhead turtle (il-fekruna l-komuni), is a long-living, slowly maturing marine species that inhabits tropical to warm temperate areas.

This species is classified as globally endangered by the World Conservation Area (IUCN) and is also protected by various national and international legislation.

Capturing, killing, taking, and trading these turtles (including its hatchlings), as well as the deliberate disturbance of these species, particularly during the period of breeding, rearing and migration, is prohibited and subject to legal action.

The national Flora, Fauna and Natural Habitats Protection Regulations impose a minimum fine of nearly €500 and going up to nearly €2400 for each egg that may be destroyed or taken from the wild.