6. Carob

The Carob is as typical of our countryside as rubble walls. Yet, surprisingly, there is doubt whether the tree is actually native to Malta or whether it was in fact imported. If so, this happened long ago, perhaps in Roman times. Whatever its history, the familiar Harruba has certainly found its niche here! It is hard to limit oneself to a short note when treating the Carob, there is so much to tell. Did you know the original gold "carat" was actually the weight of one humble Carob seed? And that Carob flowers are one of the main sources of Maltese honey? Incidentally, do get a whiff of the musky male flowers, now starting to bloom. And of course, it is common knowledge that the fruit of the Carob are the main ingredient of gulepp, sweet soother of sore throats.      

Text by Victor Falzon, photoby  Desirée Falzon. Copyright to Birdlife Malta.

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