Botanist publishes first-of-its-kind research on Maltese orchids

Book could influence policies on development of land outside building zones with concrete information on important species

The Maltese pyramidical orchid
The Maltese pyramidical orchid

Botanist Stephen Mifsud is publishing Malta’s first book specialising on its population of orchids, in a joint effort with Greenhouse that brings Mifsud's 17 years of his research and decades of data collected by researchers that studied Maltese Orchids, starting with journals published as early as 1853. 

The result is a definitive guide with stunning photography that walks the reader through the different species of orchids that exist (or used to exist) in Malta, with information on their status, and descriptions of the form, habitat, distribution, and conservation status of every species. 

'Orchids of the Maltese Islands: A Descriptive Guide' is the NGO’s and author’s first big step to changing Malta’s story in a more positive direction when it comes to its natural environment by illustrating the beauty and uniqueness of the 36 different species of orchids Malta is host to. 

"This book will create a foundation for further data-gathering initiatives that can build upon the information it provides and help influence policy on the issuing and/or removal of ODZ status to land in Malta by supplying the Environment and Resources Authority with concrete information on areas in Malta that need to be preserved to ensure the survival of this species, which is an important cross-pollinator with a unique evolution," Greenhouse said.