Marsaxlokk tower to be relocated for new road

The tourism ministry has given notice that it wants to relocate and reconstruct a 'tower structure,' in area of Marsaxlokk, inside a valley that has been ruined by dumping

The tourism ministry has given notice it wants to relocate and reconstruct a “tower structure” – possibly a pigeon loft in the Kavallerizza area of Marsaxlokk – inside a valley that has been ruined by dumping.

The valley in Marsaxlokk is adjacent to a car park that lies outside the development zones, which was developed by the government’s Project Malta and whose debris was dumped in the valley.

Now the debris is serving as an excuse for the tower’s relocation, but the Marsaxlokk “regeneration plan” approved in 2018 proposed a new road cutting through fields and over the very old tower structure. The tower in question is not a protected building and was previously used by a farmer who tilled nearby land before the Lands Authority closed off the tower.

MaltaToday is informed that the field identified for the relocation of the tower is adjacent to the valley-side ruined by illegal dumping of rubble from works to construct the ODZ car park. That same car park is now identified for the development of full-blown football ground with seating, an underlying car park, a hostel and an old people’s home, in an application presented by the locality’s football club.

It is not yet known what use will be given to the tower when it is relocated.

The site identified for the relocation of the tower is considered to be important for water absorption after rain. Covering it with paving and construction may result in runoff of rainwater. The field used to have other stone walls which were bulldozed by rubble dumping from the car park, which was funded by the European Union.

Futur Ambjent Wiehed is objecting to this application. “The dismantling of a histor- ical structure and relocation deprives the environs of its context and setting. Heritage structures are not like Lego block buildings – dismount- able at will only to be set up elsewhere.”

The application was submit- ted on 6 January before the appointment of new tourism minister Julia Farrugia. The position was previously occupied by Konrad Mizzi, who resigned in November. Mizzi’s Project Malta was also behind the ODZ car park which opened the floodgates for development in this area.

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