New 25-storey building for Paceville gateway

The now discarded Paceville masterplan had earmarked the site for a low-rise building complex rising to a maximum of 11 storeys

A mixed-use 25-storey building towering at a height of 115m is being proposed at Paceville’s gateway on Triq Santu Wistin, the road leading to the Eden Cinema and going down to St George’s Bay .

The project, proposed by Paul Xuereb of PX Lettings Ltd, will include 12,990sq.m of offices, 10,094sq.m of residences, 4,628sq.m of hotels and 3,148sq.m of retail space.

The area is currently dominated by low-density villas and gardens.

The first 11 floors will be dedicated to offices and hotel rooms while the higher floors will include both residential development and hotel rooms.

So far, no formal application has been presented for the construction of the tower but an application was presented in 2016 for the excavation of the site and the construction of four basement levels of car park.

Details of the proposed tower only emerged in documentation recently submitted to the Environment and Resources Authority. The plans foresee the development of half the 3,400sq.m site.

The now discarded Paceville masterplan had earmarked the site for a business centre consisting of “a relatively low-rise building complex” rising to a maximum of 11 storeys.

The masterplan suggested that due “to the highly visible and accessible location, a high quality architectural treatment would be appropriate to create an important local landmark welcoming people into Paceville.”


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