PA board rejects Palazzo Giannin gardens development

The board said that the proposed development would compromise the ‘integrity and homogeneity’ of the surrounding areas 

Palazzo Giannin and its gardens
Palazzo Giannin and its gardens

The Planning Authority has unanimously turned down a planning application development proposal within the grade 2 protected Palazzo Giannin and its gardens in Ghaxaq. 

The PA board said that the proposed layout would have a negative impact on the distinct character of the scheduled property. 

“This entire property is an important heritage asset which merits preservation. The proposed layout was compromising the integrity, and homogeneity of the scheduled property,” the statement read. 

27 overlying residential units, the restoration of the remaining garden and a basemnet level of garages were proposed.

The palace and surrounding gardens were scheduled at Grade 2 in 2013 despite objections from the owners who insist the project would regenerate a dilapidated garden.

The project’s architect Edward Mintoff argued during Thursday’s hearing that plans submitted at a later stage would significantly improve the project. The new plans, he said, would see only 20% of the gardens built up, with buildings being shifted to the area with the least heritage value.

A representative of the Għaxaq local council said the gardens are part of Malta’s national heritage and should be protected.

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