Pull&Bear launches campaign to discover street fashion and urban landscapes

The new pull&bear season takes us on a journey through the most authentic streets in the world

At Pull&Bear this season we are launching an authentic initiative that is close to our hearts: discovering interesting corners of the most appealing neighbourhoods in the world, those that define us and which are full of that everyday magic that has enchanted our brand's professionals and that we're sharing now.

The images in our collections for this fall/winter are inspired by these urban landscapes. Using these images, Pull&Bear is presenting trends characterised by a mix of ethnic and bohemian inspirations, a romantic vintage that is full of personality, without nostalgia, as we can see in the photos taken by Catalonian artist Virgili Jubero.

With his camera, he has immortalised a large cast of models in neighbourhoods in cities such as Berlin, London, Toronto, New York, Sydney and Lisbon.

This is just the beginning of the long, exciting journey that Pull&Bear will undertake this season, and which will bring us to interesting restaurants, unique hair salons, charming cafés, launderettes, corner shops, etc. An urban landscape personalised by its own neighbours, who will show us why their neighbourhood has that special charm.

Music will take centre stage in this adventure, in the form of a song composed expressly for this project by a band of international renown, which will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Fall/winter women's trends

The spirit of the 70s is the undisputed star of the new Pull&Bear women's collections for this fall-winter. Urban environments, with a strong ethnic component, will take over from festival looks. The evolution can be seen in key elements: A-lines, deep V-necks, bell bottom trousers and romantic shirts.

Important decorative elements such as lace and embroidery make an appearance. Rustic fabrics (suede, corduroy, velvet) predominate, as do warm colours: tans, russets, wines and oranges. Floral and paisley prints highlight the seventies feel along with flowing, feminine lines.

Fall/winter men's trends

The men's looks are characterised by a return to the brand's street feel, interpreted through three main lines. The first uses the universe of blacks and whites as a starting point, and features technical running components.

The second redesigns the basics, taking formal garments out of context and adapting them to modern patterns: sweatshirts and shirts with simple messages in white, blue, grey and red. The third is the purest vision of street style: details like elastic at the ankles and oversized patterns, checked shirts, overshirts, heavy denim, T-shirts with graphic contrasts, parkas, bomber jackets...