Open seminar on diabetes organised by Health Ministry

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day next Wednesday, the Ministry for Health is organising a seminar open to the public.

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day on 14t November, the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate, as part of the activities organised by the Ministry for Health, the Elderly and Community Care, is organising a seminar open to the general public in collaboration with Malta Libraries and the Primary Care Directorate at the Central Public Library Floriana between 10am and 2pm.

Diabetes is a common and serious life long condition affecting around 10% of people in Malta.

A person suffering from diabetes has high levels of sugar in the blood because the pancreas does not produce any or enough insulin. Type 1 Diabetes usually develops in childhood or adolescence. Type 2 Diabetes, which is the more common type, usually develops in adulthood and is related to obesity, lack of physical exercise and an unhealthy diet.

In type 1 Diabetes, symptoms and signs appear quickly and are obvious. However in type 2 signs and symptoms may appear slowly and may only be picked up by routine medical check up. Symptoms may include passing urine more frequently, feeling thirstier than usual, feeling tired or losing weight unexpectedly. Therefore it is important to get tested. Although diabetes cannot be cured, it can be managed well so that a person can live a normal life.

The event on Monday will include presentations about prevention of diabetes, diabetes diagnosis and care and healthy eating.

Free blood pressure testing, BMI measurements and testing for diabetes will be carried out during the events by staff from the Directorate of Primary Care.

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