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Summer has definitely landed with hoards of people flocking to the beaches even though exam time isn't really over yet. Every female and many males as well worry about how they look in a bikini, especially before the sun tan hides the not-so-firm bits.

Jovan Reljic talks about getting into shape, but not just for looking good at the beach. Getting fit should be about getting stronger, having more stamina and flexibility not just looking pretty on the beach.

In the heat of the summer workouts tend to be difficult. Carla Maree Vella gives you no excuses with some simple tips for turning a stroll by the sea into metabolic effect training.

Matthew Bartolo talks about the energy we put into a pursuing a momentary orgasm. Though the ultimate climax is well-worth it, putting too much emphasis on the final moments can take away from the fun of the sexual experience that ends in orgasm.

The costs of smoking are not limited to the money paid for cigarettes. Charmaine Gauci analyses other factors to be included in national costs of smoking including health care, shortened life spans and emotional damage to people losing family members to diseases related to smoking.



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