Invest in your children’s future these Easter holidays

Ramona Galea and Elaine Fenech are introducing the first Etiquette Masterclass Training Programme for Teenagers in Malta. 

There’s no denying that schooling, education and general knowledge are all very important aspects for a successful future. But equally important is the acquisition of personal and social etiquette skills early in life, both from a personal and career perspective. Lasting impressions are formed in the first few seconds of meeting someone, hence the importance of knowing how to carry ourselves, dress and act in whatever social or professional situation we find ourselves in.

With these objectives in mind, Ramona Galea and Elaine Fenech are introducing the first Etiquette Masterclass Training Programme for Teenagers in Malta.

Ramona and Elaine, founders of First Class Etiquette and Etiquette First respectively, are both successful etiquette consultants and trainers, and together they have devised a social etiquette training programme specifically aimed at teenagers. Spread over two full days, the programme will delve into various topics that highlight the importance of everyday behaviour skills in the civilised world.

These include common courtesies such as introducing family and friends, how to walk and greet others, posture, poise, deportment, sitting and standing. “We will also guide course participants on how to dress and groom themselves, how to master table manners and communication skills such as the use of hands, tone of voice and how to conduct a conversation”. Net etiquette, the where and how of using tablets and mobile phones will also be discussed.

The training programme includes all the elements one would learn in a finishing school. It is intended for teenagers who want to stand out from the crowd, both now and in their future endeavours.

They will learn about European etiquette during interactive and practical training sessions that will include an actual lunch etiquette tutorial where participants will sit at table and go through the process of formal dining, among other activities.

Apart from both being accredited etiquette trainers and consultants by the International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London, both Elaine and Ramona enjoy successful corporate careers. They stress that, “whilst our education system has been successful in preparing us for exams, the practical side of social and business life has often been given much less importance. Students are left on their own when it comes to learn the crucial life skills that ensure a successful future”.

The benefits of this Masterclass in Social Etiquette are endless. Manners, grooming, dress codes and how to become a leader without being overpowering, learnt early in life, will shape how people are perceived for a lifetime. The training programme will be conveniently held during the Easter holidays, between the 9 and 10 April 2015.

For more information, please call on 7979 0108, 7924 2479 or send an e-mail on [email protected]

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