[WATCH] 11 questions about sex you always (we think) wanted to ask a sexologist

Matthew Bartolo, a counsellor specialising in sex and relationships, has the answers... Happy Valentine's Day!

(C) Annie Spratt
(C) Annie Spratt
11 questions about sex you always (we think) wanted to ask a sexologist

Does eating certain types of food make sperm taste differently?  

Yes. What goes in will obviously affect what comes out of you. So if you eat unhealthy food like pastizzi, it’s likely the taste of your sperm will change If you eat healthier food like fruit, the taste of sperm will change. 

The only food that does not follow this rule is protein. A protein-based diet increases the chances of a more bitter sperm taste.

Does porn help couples have better sex?  

Porn helps when the couple is playing together and watch something. 

When porn is used for their education, that’s bound to create problems because their expectations will be higher, and both will be disappointed. 

(C) Annie Spratt
(C) Annie Spratt

Does penis size matter, and is length or girth more important?  

This is a very popular question. 

The truth is that many women interviewed on this question, say that width is more important than length. 

And as many men will say, it's not the size, but what you do with it that's important. 

(C) Charles Deluvio
(C) Charles Deluvio

As a rule, should men always give women oral pleasure? 

Life demands that one gives so that they may receive, and vice-versa so yes, ideally, both partners should pleasure each other. 

With problems of hygiene, I suggest a shower together so that you can get rid of any odours or bad tastes. 

(C) Charles Deluvio
(C) Charles Deluvio

If men take a cheeky finger up the anus from a woman, are they gay?  

Absolutely not. 

Someone who is gay does not necessarily only like anal sex. Much like anybody who likes anal sex, does not mean they are gay. 

All it means is that the man enjoys experimenting and possibly enjoys having his prostate stimulated. So no. Taking up a figure up the anus does not ‘make’ anyone gay. 

Do oranges make your sperm stronger?  

Honestly... I don’t know. I’m sure oranges will help beat odours, so have as many oranges as you please. But I don’t know whether it makes sperm stronger. 

Caution advised...
Caution advised...

Can you break your penis if you’re too forceful?  

The truth is yes. 

There are cases where one partner might not realise they have gone in and out and what happens then is a fracture of the penile tissue. 

Interestingly, the position that is most likely to cause such damage is the reverse cowgirl, when one partner is on top but looking the other way, because there is no visual contact, the rhythms are different, which can also cause problems for the man. 

Is masturbating unhealthy?  

The truth is no. There’s no physical harm, no psychological harm, no harm to the relationship. 

Because sex with oneself is different from sex with others. It would be a problem if one masturbates too much or if they are fixated with their own masturbation. 

If you are masturbating twice, three times a day, then yes... any type of obsession is wrong. 

(C) Becca Tapert
(C) Becca Tapert

Do you think open relationships can actually work 

I’ve met couples who were happy in open relationships and couples who were happy in exclusive, monogamous relationships. 

What’s important is that both partners in an open relationship know of the open relationship. If one partner is unaware of other partners, that’s no open relationship. 

If both partners speak about it and have set the rules, an open relationship could work for such couples. 

(C) Scott Sanker
(C) Scott Sanker

Do men have a G spot? 

We usually say the G spot is the position by which a man will be most stimulated, and many sexologists agree this is beneath the prostate. 

So if you want to reach a man’s G spot, you have to stick your finger in! 

(C) Vidar Nordli Mathisen
(C) Vidar Nordli Mathisen

What should women do if a man cannot make them orgasm?  

The most obvious thing is to tell the man. If the woman fakes orgasm, he will be satisfied with what he does and she will remain frustrated without arriving to where she wants to go. 

Discuss it quietly with him, and state what you want and like. 

If you’re seeing this and you’re a man, ask her if she is climaxing, and what you can do for her to enjoy herself more. A woman who climaxes, is more likely to want to have more sex.