Maltese trust hospitals and vaccines, global study finds

A global study has revealed that Maltese trust hospitals, health clinics and vaccines 

94% of Maltese agreed with the importance of vaccines for children
94% of Maltese agreed with the importance of vaccines for children

Maltese people are likely to express high confidence in hospitals, health clinics and vaccines, according to a study conducted by the Wellcome Global Monitor, regarding public opinion on science and health.

The report said that 92% of Maltese people are likely to express confidence in the hospitals and health clinics in Malta.

Maltese people are also likely to agree that vaccines are safe, effective and important for children to have. 94% of Maltese said they strongly/somewhat agree that vaccines are important.

The report also showed that Maltese people are likely to have high trust in scientists, with 34% recording a high trust level, 53% medium trust and only 7% recording low trust. Globally Malta ranked 10th, falling closely behind Finland, who recorded a 35% trust rating, with Uzbekistan, recording the highest trust rating of 54%.

Southern Europe

According to the report in the southern European region, 97% of people are aware of vaccines, with 50% agreeing strongly that they are safe, and 26% somewhat agreeing, while only 8% strongly disagreeing that vaccines are not safe.

53% of southern Europeans also strongly believe that vaccines are effective, while 27% somewhat agree, and only 4% strongly disagree. The southern region, also has a high perception on the importance of vaccines for children, with 75% of people strongly agreeing that it was important for children to have them. Only 4% somewhat disagreed and a negligible percentage strongly disagreed.  

The report also registered that 81% of southern Europeans, agreed that on the whole vaccines were safe.

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