Marilena Gauci: I wish I knew more of how temporary this life is

The 26-year-old singer and all-round performer’s career took off when she won the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest back in 2004. Beyond music and entertainment, Marilena is a full-time economist and participates in a lot of voluntary work

Marilena Gauci
Marilena Gauci

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

I stretch before getting out of bed and then do a 5 or 10-minute morning yoga routine. I give thanks to the Lord for another day and remind myself of three things which I am grateful for and then prepare for morning cardio.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

To have courage and to be kind.

What do you never leave the house without?


Pick three words that describe yourself

Positive, sensitive, determined.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

To learn to establish a strong sense of self-discipline, one which I aspire to improve upon every single day.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Eating peanut butter right out of the biggest tub and possibly dipping a banana or two in it.

What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

To never take my health for granted, my own person as an individual human being, and the genuine love and support that surrounds me from my family and closest individuals.

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

My own place, which I have invested in recently. Although it comes with its own difficulties, it is teaching me lessons about prioritisation and my long-term vision.

What is one thing you wish you knew when you were younger?

I wish I knew more of how temporary this life is, including its difficulties and challenging times.

Who’s your inspiration?

I find my inspiration in the closest people with whom I share the different and very meaningful aspects of my life – be it my parents, my closest friends, my mentor, my colleagues, etc.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Learning to be more assertive when it comes to saying ‘NO’ due to a very strong sense of fear of disappointing individuals around me.

If you weren’t running for Miss Universe Malta, what would you be doing?

I would definitely be doing all other things that I have thankfully managed to maintain throughout – my work in economics at University, my Masters Studies in Behavioural Economics, my musical creations at Wicked & Loud Studio, my daily exercise routine, my volunteer work as a clown doctor…

Do you believe in God?

Most definitely! I’m a strong believer and in Him I find so much strength and will.

If you could have dinner with any person, dead or alive, who would it be?

It would be my grandma – I would do anything for even a five-minute dinner with my Nanna Guza, of course with food she would have prepared.

What’s your worst habit?

Being over-optimistic as to how many places I can be at in one day which results in me being late most of the time.

What are you like when you’re drunk?

This is a question which really do not know how to answer as I have never been drunk in my life. I don’t drink alcohol.

What is the trait you most deplore in others?


What music would you have played at your funeral?

Music that is uplifting and positive – after all it is a celebration of the after-life which is far greater than the temporary life we live here.

What is your most treasured material possession?

A ring which also has a strong emotional meaning close to my heart.

What is your earliest memory?

My earliest memory would probably be with my grandma during one of her many attempts to try feed me.

When did you last cry, and why?

Yesterday evening with one of my closest friends whilst discussing life’s most important values.

Who would you most like to meet, Why?

I would love to meet Sarah Summers, currently holding the title of Miss USA. Albeit being a pageant girl, she is so incredibly different – she is authentic, powerful, positive, strong, humble, genuine and empathic – all such traits I work towards every single day.

What’s your favourite food?

Fish and green vegetables, especially in their raw form, for every day. Thai and Indian are my favourite treat!

Who’s your favourite person on social media right now?

Sarah Summers and Kelsey Wells – a female strength trainer and creator of a powerful workout program.

If you could travel in time, where would you go?

The 50s – the style of clothing was truly feminine, classy and with such composure. A very attractive yet respectful style.

What book are you reading right now?

‘How to Have a Good Day’ by Caroline Webb.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

The power of invisibility.

What’s one thing you want to do before you die?

So many things. If I had to answer this by mentioning just one thing I would be very dishonest!

What music are you listening to at the moment?

Different genres depending on the time of day and what I’ll be doing – morning would be workout/upbeat music, whilst working would call for more focused music and then in the evening before sleeping, it would normally be meditation background music.

In the shower or when you’re working out, what do you sing/listen to?

I like to listen to songs that put me in a positive and motivated state of mind, I also tend to like to listen to the same song over and over ….   

Tell us...

What motivated you to take part in Miss Universe Malta 2018?

Back when I was much younger, I was a ‘pageant girl’ – as cheesy as that may sound. Being on stage and close to the public always fulfilled me on different levels and in a very holistic way. Nonetheless I have not been involved in any pageants since that time and it was only earlier this year that someone mentioned it to me… the outcome has been far more than I ever expected and perhaps merit. I really do believe it is possible for us women to use such platforms to shed light on the importance of humanity, respect, determination, discipline, will and love towards one another.

You went on X Factor back in 2017, should we expect more music coming our way?

Last year was a very hectic and exciting year and X Factor was a true highlight. Despite the heavy competitive feeling that is felt at every auditioning stage, I do feel it was a very empowering experience with each step having given me a strong sense of belief and satisfaction. Soon after I also found myself auditioning for the Voice UK. After these experiences, we came back to work even harder on original music at the studio. The debut single ‘Higher’ was launched on International World Voice Day this year. This is very close to my heart as it talks about the power of self-belief and striving towards one’s utmost potential.

What has been your most rewarding journey so far?

Definitely my voluntary work and projects in Peru, Brazil and Spain –the Camino de Santiago. In Malta it would be my voluntary work as a clown doctor as part of Dr Klown.

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