[WATCH] Discover hidden car gems in second season of Vetturi fil-Garaxx u n-Nies Warajhom

The second season kicks off at 5pm today on TVM

Vetturi fil-Garaxx u n-Nies Warajhom kicks off its second season at 5pm today on TVM. 

The programme travels around Malta and Gozo discovering hidden gems in nondescript garages. 

Each episode focuses on one particular vehicle model each week: its history, origins, introduction into the Maltese market, etc. The show also features a Maltese owner of such a vehicle model. 

The focus in each episode is to learn about the vehicle and its history. But equally important, viewers get to know the owners, what drives their passion for cars, how they started collecting or building cars, etc.

This is not a car review or test-drive show. The focus is on the vehicle model’s history and the owner’s ties to the vehicle. For this purpose, the show covers a whole gamut of vehicle models and styles, from cult classics to modern fan favourites.