5 things you should know if you’re travelling through Malta International Airport

Malta International Airport will reopen its doors to travellers on 1 July but things will not be the same as before

MIA is asking travellers to wear face masks or visors at all times while inside the terminal and non-travellers not to enter the building
MIA is asking travellers to wear face masks or visors at all times while inside the terminal and non-travellers not to enter the building

Malta International Airport will reopen its doors tomorrow but the travel experience will feel different as a result of health and safety protocols introduced because of COVID-19.

The airport company said on Tuesday that it has introduced more hand sanitising stations, signage reminding guests to keep safe distances, and protective panes to limit unnecessary interactions.

A team of specially trained front-liners, wearing blue high-visibility vests for easy identification, will be roaming the terminal to provide assistance to guests.

Calling on guests to cooperate, MIA has issued five basic guidelines that travellers using the airport should observe:

1. Plan ahead

Arrive at the terminal at least 2.5 hours before your flight departure time. This will allow you enough time for all airport processes including check-in, security screening and COVID-related procedures such as thermal screening. Should you be experiencing COVID-19 symptoms on the day of your travels, postpone your trip.

2. Wear a face mask or visor

You will need to wear a mask or visor inside the terminal. Only children who are under 6 years of age and people having a valid medical reason are exempt from wearing face masks or visors. Given that face masks should be changed every four hours, it is important to pack enough masks in your hand luggage for the duration of your journey. While there are around 120 sanitising stations around the terminal, it is recommended to keep a small bottle of hand sanitiser handy.

3. Keep safe distances

While it is recommended to keep safe distances as indicated by the signage and floor markings installed around the terminal, members of the same household will be allowed to travel together in a group.

4. Say your goodbyes and hellos outside

Non-travelling guests will not be allowed to accompany or welcome travellers inside the terminal. Say your goodbyes before entering the building and your hellos after exiting the terminal.

5. Retail and food and beverage outlet accessibility

While the passenger journey has been reorganised in order to avoid the crossing of paths of passengers and visitors, the retail and food and beverage offering will remain unchanged.

6. Get an international driving permit

An IDP is a requirement to drive or rent a car in several foreign countries. It is also a United Nations regulated travel document for your safety and ease of travel. With the help of International Driving License Malta, you can drive your own car and travel worry-free. With an international driving permit in hand, you can easily travel to Malta International Airport.

A full list of health and safety measures implemented by Malta International Airport can be accessed here.