[WATCH] Air Malta’s new video features Maltese football legend

National airline launches the second in a series of video clips to promote Air Malta ‘with a smile’.

A shot from Air Malta's new promo video.
A shot from Air Malta's new promo video.

National airline Air Malta has released its second YouTube video in a series of video clips to promote "Air Malta with a smile".

This time the video features players from the Belgian Jupiler League team, OH Leuven, and former Maltese football legend Carmel 'Buzu' Busuttil.

The clip was filmed during a routine Air Malta aircraft check by the aircraft's engineering department.

The storyline is based on four footballers - dressed as Air Malta engineers - demonstrating their silky footballing skills and passion for the game.

When one of the players delivers a powerful shot heading towards the aircraft, Buzu becomes the hero of the day with a spectacular flying- header driving the ball away from the aircraft.

"This video clip has just been launched by the airline on Youtube and is expected to attract great interest in Malta, Belgium and beyond," Air Malta said.

The stars of the video are four young professional players from OH Leuven FC; Alessandro Cerigioni, Dean Michiels, Joren Dehond and Thomas Azevedo, who made the film during the club's winter training camp in Malta.

Carmel Busuttil is well-known in both Malta and Belgium, having played in the Belgian League as Club Captain for KRC Genk and he achieved more than 100 caps for his country in international matches.

Air Malta said the Maltese Islands are becoming an increasingly significant destination for training camps for European football clubs. Compared to continental Europe, Malta's weather has been exceptionally mild this winter providing perfect conditions.

"Clubs that have benefitted from Malta's facilities and climate in recent years include OH Leuven, Sheffield United, Manchester United, AC Milan, Juventus and Parma FC amoungst others," Air Malta said.

Commenting on the initiative, Philip Saunders Chief Commercial Officer at Air Malta, said: "This new video is designed to build further awareness of Air Malta in an unexpected and fun manner. And there's a serious message too: Malta is ideally positioned as the perfect winter training destination for Europe's professional footballers. This clip increases awareness of the potential and we look forward to partner with more clubs to benefit from these facilities. We hope that the public will like the film and make it another viral success."

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Nothing beyond run-of-the-mill material. The idea of a spontaneous engagement of footballers in a bit of kicking-the-ball-around has become a cliche and the clip does not even enthuse through a few complex, tricky or spectacular shots.
Buzu - football legend? I laughed my head off at your choice of words. Local football great maybe, but football legend is stretching your imagination a bit too far, innit?